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Artist's Web Builder Launch 
1st December 2019

Designed by artists, built for artists, owned by you. Our artist's web builder is just for artists, a full eCommerce website at an amazing price, with no commissions. Built to support artists and encourage independence. Fast and easy to use so artists can do what they do best. Controlling the price of their work and with lot of fantastic updates to come at no extra charge. One cost, no hidden extras, no limits.

Pop-Ups with a total footfall of 4.5 million potential buyers
Starting in March

We have 8 scheduled UK Pop-Ups starting from March 2020. The city's include: London, Glasgow, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Newcastle, Watford, Derby.

Coming to America
March 2020

We are already having talks with artists and venues throughout the US, with plans to hold fairs between March and May 2020. Details will be released early in the new year. New website release in January 2020.

Join now for next years directories

We offer artists the opportunity to promote their work within separate counties in a high-quality printed publication.

Our booklets are distributed to local venues, such as hotels, galleries, art exhibitions, etc where they are readily available to potential collectors.

Exhibit in other countries
Starting 2020

We offer artists the opportunity to exhibit their work in high quality venues across the world.

By setting up our own shipping we can take artists from the UK to Singapore, from the US to London or Paris, Australia to Japan. We will arrange all transport and exhibiting activities at a truly affordable cost