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The Artopolitan team are there to help you exhibit Acting as our partners for Asia including: Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Click here to find out more. 

What we stand for

World Art Exhibitions?

Millions of artists all over the world are creating new works every day and almost all of them are looking for the same things, recognition, approval and sales. It doesn't matter whether you’re a hobbyist, professional, image maker or a die-hard artist.

We are here to help; our mantra is to firstly believe in all artists and give them the confidence to emerge and embrace their work. In doing so we have become a very disruptive influence in the art world, upsetting the perceived status quo by putting the artist first, charging low prices and little or zero commissions.

We offer platforms that all artists can participate in and supply the tools so that all artists can promote themselves and their work, professionally to the world both online and direct via exhibitions and fairs.

Our exhibitions offer the lowest costs for artists so they can afford to participate.

Our ‘Pop-Up's’ offer amazing opportunities to sell work in some of the worlds busiest shopping malls, with million of footfall each week.


Our 'ArtistsWebuilder' offers all artists an amazing tailored ecommerce website at just a few $ per month. These sites will eventually be fully integrated with framing, print production and delivery all the sales revenues go direct to the artist. The sites are fully optimised for SEO and are cross linked for maximum visibility benefits.


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